Boat Rentals at Pecks Pond

At Pecks Pond, you can rent boats, canoes, kayaks, electric motors, poles and reels for your fishing excursions. We offer V or flat bottom row boats that carry up to four people. Our canoes hold up to two people and a child. Or choose a one or two person kayak.

If you stay at Pecks Pond Lake, which is our base lake, there is no boat transfer fee. However, if you decide to go to any of the other lakes listed below, we will need to transfer your boat or canoe to your destination and a transfer fee will be applied. We provide life jackets, oars and paddles, seat cushions and anchors. And our bait and tackle shop has all the fishing supplies you’ll need. There are no alcoholic beverages allowed on the boats.

Below you’ll find information on our daily boat rental rates.

We will transfer one of our boats or canoes to any of these lakes in the Pocono’s mentioned below and pick you up after your fishing trip. We can also provide meals, supplies and a guide. We specialize in Bass, Trout and Panfish lakes.

The list below gives the name and description of the lakes we service and the fish that can be found in the wild Poconos.

Pecks Pond Lake: This is a very shallow lake with abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery.

  • Fish Found: Bass, Pickerel, Perch and other Panfish.

Shohola Lake: This has several Bald Eagle Hacking nests and it isn’t unusual to see a Bald Eagle. This is an excellent Bass and Pickerel lake with lunkers caught each year.

  • Fish Found: Bass, Pickerel, Perch, Panfish, Catfish and Crappie.

Greeley Lake: This lake is long and narrow, it offers excellent wildfowl siting. Excellent Crappie and Bluegill lake with good Bass areas.

  • Fish Found: Bass, Pickerel, and Panfish.

White Deer Lake: This lake is deep with lots of cover along its perimeter.

  • Fish Found: Bass, Pickerel, Panfish and Walleye.

Little Mud Pond: This lake is small with some deep spots and is very secluded

  • Fish Found: Bass, Pickerel, Panfish, Trout and Catfish.

Lake Minisink: This lake is surrounded by State Forest Land and has plenty of cover to fish along its edges.

  • Fish Found: Bass, Pickerel, Panfish along with stocked Trout.

Fairview Lake: This lake is deep and cold with a rocky bottom.

  • Fish Found: Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Brown Trout and Muskie.

Decker Pond: This pond is very weedy and has thick cover.

  • Fish Found: Pickerel, Crappie, some large ones.



Boat Rates Per Day


Row Boat V or Flat Bottom (1 – 2 people) $39.00 / Day
Row Boat V or Flat Bottom (2 – 3 people) $49.00 / Day
#01B6ADCanoe (1-2 people) 3rd Person is $10 Extra $39.00 / Day
Kayak (1 person) $29.00 / Day
Kayak (2 people) $39.00 / Day
Boat with Electric Motor (1-2 people) $59.00 / Day
Boat with Electric Motor (2-3 people) $79.00 / Day
Small Bass Boat with Electric Motor (1-2 people) $79.00 / Day
Larger Bass Boat with Electric Motor (2 people) $99.00 / Day
Trolling Electric Motor for Boat $29.00 / Day
Fishing Pole & Reel $6.00 / Day
Boat Transfer Fee (to another lake) $49.00 / Day

Reservations are required and we offer special group rates. Please call 570 775-7237 for more information. You will have a memorable day!