Float Trips

Backwater Nature and Fishing Float Trips

Explore backwater lakes, small streams and rivers with our first class tours. Discover wild, green and undisturbed nature in backwater streams, ponds and waterways. Our guides will take you to some of the most beautiful and rustic areas where there is no boat access.

Our backwater floats make it all possible. We hike to remote areas carrying our 21 lb. backwater floats. Then, wearing frog fins and wet suits, or shorts in warm weather, we float silently, using kicking power, with no disturbance to the nature around us. This is the perfect adventure for fishermen, naturalists, photographers, birdwatchers or anyone who loves the great outdoors. If you are going to fish, you’ll find native trout, pickerel and bass. Some of the backwaters we float include Conally Lake, Lackawaxen River, Shohola River and Billing Pond.

Backwater fishing trip requirements are: (1) a minimum of two people each trip, (2) a 250 lb. weight capacity on each backwater float, (3) must be 14 years or older, and (4) must be able to carry 21 lb. float and be in good shape. Below you’ll find information on our backwater trips.



Cost Per Person (Includes Equipment & Guide) 6 Hour Trip (includes hot or cold lunch) $129.00