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Maps Sold by Pecks Pond

At Pecks Pond, we sell three different types of maps:  USGS maps, hydrographic maps of local lakes and ponds, and TOPO interactive maps. Please add a $5.50 handling charge to all orders up to $35 and a $10.00 handling charge to all orders from $36 to $75.

USGS MapsThe USGS maps come in a variety of different forms to service all types of map users including topographic maps, state maps, county maps, US maps, national park and monument maps and national atlas maps just to name a few. If you're interested in a specific map type and location, you'll need to know the map number before ordering it from Pecks Pond. The USGS maps cost $7.95 plus handling charges. Cost includes US Postal Service and map tube, when applicable.


Area MapsWe also sell hydrographic maps of Pennsylvania's lakes and ponds, that indicate information such as water depth, islands, rocks, stumps and marshes. These hydrographic local area maps cost $5.95 - $7.95, plus handling charges. Cost includes US Postal Service and map tube, when applicable.



TOPO Software Package

TOPO Software Package

Southeastern PA &
Southern NJ Recreation Areas

Greater NYC, Long Island,
Catskills & Poconos

The TOPO map has become very popular. It is an interactive map available on CD-ROM and they are the most detailead maps available for hikers, mountain bikers and map professionals. TOPO features detailed USGS maps enhanced with millions of digital elevation data points. Powerful tools provide extended capabilities for exploring, customizing and printing topographic maps. TOPO allows you to navigate in three dimensions, visualize elevation, trace routes and even build profiles of exactly how far, how high and how steep your route will be. The photo below is a representation of the Pecks Pond area using TOPO. This software package costs $49 plus handling charges. Click here for other TOPO map locations.

TOPO Image Map of Pecks Pond

Order Maps

Pecks Pond Pocono Fishing
1270 Rt. 402, Pecks Pond
Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328
570 775-7237
Email:  peckspond@peckspond.com

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