Pecks Pond Backwater Outfitters

Fishermen, naturalists, photographers, bird watchers or anyone who loves the outdoors can discover wild and green undisturbed nature in backwater streams, ponds and waterways with the help of Roger Wirth.

According to Wirth, lightweight outback floats, made out of high impact, lightweight plastic and tubular framing, are specially suited for venturing into limited access areas. Visit our on-line store at to view the different models and accessories available. These crafts Outback Floatenable outdoorsmen and women to explore various backwater rustic areas such as the state owned forests and natural areas of the Pocono Mountains. Following a guide, nature buffs can hike into these areas with a twenty-one pound outback floats strapped to their backs. Wearing frogfins, and in cold weather, wet suits, participants can float silently, using kicking power with no disturbance to the nature around them. If they wish, participants can fish for native trout, pickerel and bass.

A six hour outback trip costs $129.00 and includes a guided tour, equipment and a hot or cold lunch.

There is a two person minimum per trip in order to take advantage of one of these outdoor adventures. Participants must weigh 250 pounds or less, be at least 14 years of age or older, be able to carry the 21 pound float and be in good physical shape to kick through the water to propel the outback float.